Watch: Gong Myung And Jung Hye Sung Enjoy A Romantic Bus Ride Home

On the December 31 episode of “We Got Married,” Gong Myung escorted Jung Hye Sung to her home, and they enjoyed each other’s company during a romantic bus ride.

As they sat in the back of the bus, the two affectionately made eye contact. Gong Myung held Jung Hye Sung’s hand and proved how even a simple bus ride can become romantic. He even offered her one of his earphones, and they enjoyed listening to music together. In that very moment, the pair were the perfect embodiment of romance.

As they silently continued to look into each other’s eyes, Jung Hye Sung told him his eyes were very vibrant. Gong Myung reacted bashfully, creating an even sweeter atmosphere for what was originally just a simple bus ride home.

Watch the adorable pair on “We Got Married” below!

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