Kim Jaejoong Responds To Those Who Assume He Had It Easy In The Army

A day after being discharged from the army, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong greeted fans through V Live while on his way to a fan signing event.

During his quick broadcast, Kim Jaejoong mentioned how he’s getting used to speaking conversational Korean again after two years of using military speech. He then admitted to fans how awkward it feels to step back into the celebrity life and apply makeup again.

He started out by asking, “What do you call it again? Eyeliner? Putting on makeup again after two years feels so awkward. During my time in the army, I only applied camouflage cream, but here I am with makeup on again. I’m not used to it, so I was planning on only wearing BB cream for the event.”

The JYJ member also talked about his time in the army, stating, “Some people look at me and think I had an easy service, but I really did try my best. Because I enlisted a bit later than most people, I felt a huge responsibility to work even harder. I can proudly say I was the only Special Class Soldier from my unit.”

When talking about maintaining his looks, Kim Jaejoong said, “While everyone else was eating ramyeon, I didn’t. I lost 14 kilograms. Through a high-salt, low-protein diet, I lost body weight but maintained my face. I think I aged less during those two years. Currently, I weigh around 65 kilograms.”

Kim Jaejoong ended his V Live broadcast by telling his fans, “I’ll greet you again soon!”

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