Watch: S.E.S Shares Hint At 20th Anniversary Album With Pre-Release “Remember” MV

The first-generation K-Pop trio S.E.S has reunited to release a 20th anniversary album, and they’re giving us a taste of what’s in store with a pre-release MV!

On January 1 at midnight KST, S.E.S release the music video for “Remember,” one of their double title tracks off their upcoming album. The song was written by the members of S.E.S (Shoo, Eugene, and Bada), and the lyrics of the sweet pop ballad feature a message of love and gratitude from the trio to their loyal fans.

S.E.S’s new album “Remember,” as well as the music video for their second title track “Paradise,” will be released on January 2 at midnight KST. The trio also shared a look back on their career with the release of a music video entitled “Love [Story]” on December 30.

Are you excited for more from S.E.S?