Ku Hye Sun To Return In 2017 As An Artist With New Exhibition

Ku Hye Sun will be starting off 2017 with a bang as she opens a new exhibition.

The actress is known for her talents not only as an actor, but as an artist, director, and musician. Her new exhibition, titled “dark YELLOW,” is scheduled to be held from January 5 to 29 at the Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul. The theme is “innocence, fear, and freedom.”

Ku Hye Sun said, “The ideas that move inside a pre-decided manual. Those tiny cells are dreaming big dreams. The things that frighten you the most in the world are the things that spark the biggest dreams. I wanted the theme [of the exhibition] to contain that irony.”

She added, “I want to express the color of childhood (innocence) when you have the most dreams and the color of reality (fear) that cannot do anything. I aspire to freedom. I have tried to contain those movements in minimalism.”

The exhibition will contain not only artwork, but will also display the piano music and score from her New Age self-produced albums. Her piano instrumental “Rain” once charted at No. 1 on the QQ Music Trends Chart in 2015.

Ku Hye Sun held her first art exhibition in 2009 and continued the trend every year since then with exhibitions like “Hannam,” “Afterimage,” “The Tale of Two Cities,” and “BUTTER FLY EFFECT.”

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