“Running Man” Staff Offers Unconventional Apology For Recent Controversies

The staff of “Running Man” issued an apology for the recent controversies while being hit by water cannons. This follows their first public apology in a previous episode.

During the January 1 episode of the show, the cast members had their fortunes read and their compatibility tested.

On this day, it was announced that the show would run on a “Members week” format, with the members getting to decide what they wanted to do during the show. The cast competed against each other to see who the first member to take control of the show would be.

Running Man 2

When it was announced who was the last member standing, the winner was hit with water cannons as a form of ablution for the start of the new year.

The staff members also stood in front of the water cannons. They stated, “We want to apologize. We will do better in the future.” The staff were then hit with a strong blast of water.

This was an apology for the recent controversy surrounding decisions to change up the cast. The staff expressed their apology to the show’s viewers and the cast with text on the screen that read, “We’re sorry we couldn’t protect you.”

Running Man 3

Catch up on “Running Man” below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1115012v-running-man-bad-santa-christmas-special-episode-331

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