Watch: Shin Min Ah And Lee Je Hoon Share Their 2017 Wishes In New “Tomorrow With You” Teaser

A new teaser for tvN’s upcoming drama “Tomorrow With You” has been released!

Keeping the comical and light atmosphere that the first teaser had, Shin Min Ah (playing Song Ma Rin) and Lee Je Hoon (playing Yoo So Joon) play their respective characters in a short but cute skit.

Song Ma Rin can be seen writing down wishes on eggs when Yoo So Joon comes up and asks what she’s doing. She explains that if she writes her wish on an egg and it hatches, the wish will come true. Yoo So Joon is skeptical until one of the eggs hatches to reveal a fluffy chick.

Taking his chances, the man begins to write something down onto an egg. When Song Ma Rin asks if he’s wishing for them to get married, Yoo So Joon scoffs and says, “Anything but that.”

The comical skit ends with the two actors sending well wishes to everyone.

“Tomorrow With You” is the follow-up to tvN’s hit series “Goblin,” and is a fantasy romance drama that will follow the story of a time traveler and his wife. The first episode will air on February 3, 2017.

Give the trailer a watch and tell us what you think!