Updated: B1A4’s Baro’s Younger Sister I Prepares To Make Her Debut In New Teasers

Updated January 4 KST:

I has released new teaser images ahead of her debut! Furthermore, she has official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts now!

I Cha Yoon Ji 2


B1A4’s Baro’s little sister, Cha Yoon Ji, is preparing to make her debut!

WM Entertainment, which also houses B1A4 and Oh My Girl, released a cute and whimsical teaser video featuring Cha Yoon Ji and the letter I. It appears that Yoon Ji will be promoting under the stage name I (also written as “child” in Korean).

Cha Yoon Ji has been a trainee for six years and has stated in the past that she aims to stand on her own and not depend on her brother’s success.

I will be making her debut on January 11.

Watch the teaser below!