Update: DAY6 Shares Dynamic Teaser Images For 1st Monthly “Every DAY6” Release

Updated January 3 KST:

DAY6 has released teaser images for their January release for their newest 2017 series!

DAY6 Sungjin DAY6 Jae DAY6 Wonpil DAY6 Young K DAY6 Dowoon

Original January 2 KST:

DAY6 is getting us all excited for their first release in their monthly series “Every DAY6”!

On January 2 at midnight KST, the five-member JYP Entertainment rock band released a teaser video for their upcoming track. The teaser video is formatted like the countdown to a film reel being shown by an old projector, with frames flashing some hints at their upcoming release.

We get a bit of a listen to the track, and one of the repeating frames reads, “I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait, ah why,” while another includes the text “2017 January, ah why, I wait.”

DAY6 previously shared their epic plans for 2017 with the release of a calendar for the year, which includes a pre-concert on January 5 and the release of this first monthly track on January 6.