Go Ji Yong Officially Returns To Broadcast With His Lovable Son On “The Return Of Superman”

The January 1 episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman” marked the first appearance of non-active SECHSKIES member Go Ji Yong and his lovable son, Seungjae.

Seungjae Go Ji Yong The Return of Superman

Seungjae had previously captured hearts with his talkativeness in a teaser video, and he stayed right on track in the full episode as he greeted the production crew cutely and politely.

Later, Go Ji Yong remarked affectionately, “He greets everyone who passes by. He greets them until they greet him back.”

Go Ji Yong Seungjae

But like many first-timers on the show, Seungjae showed reluctance at the idea of spending time with only his father. “I don’t like Dad,” he said, and clung to his mother, Heo Yang Im, instead.

Go Ji Yong said, “It’s inevitable that the father will fall out of a child’s ranking. He likes his mother best. It feels like I woke up one day and Seungjae had already grown up so much. I regret that time has passed so quickly, and I feel sorry towards him.”

The Return of Superman Seungjae Go Ji Yong

He added, “I think I am not a good father yet,” just before the father and son embarked on their 48-hour challenge without the mom.

Watch the episode below!

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