Seo Eon And Seo Jun Put On A Pajama Fashion Show While Their Parents Make Plans For Third Child

It’s always an interesting day in the life of Lee Hwi Jae and the twins.

On the January 1 episode of “The Return of Superman,” Seo Eon and Seo Jun put on a fashion show – in their pajamas! They walk down a red carpet runway to the applause of their fellow daycare playmates, but because they’re the mischievous twins, they strike weird poses and pretend to be dinosaurs.

Lee Hwi Jae Moon Jung Won

Meanwhile, their parents Lee Hwi Jae and Moon Jung Won, enjoyed a couples date on their own. Moon Jung Won said, “It’s been a really long time since we went out on our own,” and complimented her husband on wearing a jean jacket that made him look younger.

Lee Hwi Jae commented, “Whenever I meet senior citizens, they always tell me to have a daughter.” When they asked each other if they had any plans for another baby, they both confessed that they did.

Moon Jung Won said, “I’m going to get pregnant by the end of the year. The twins will be six years old (Korean age) by then, so they can raise the baby.” Lee Hwi Jae, on the other hand, decided to ask the twins what they thought.

Seo Jun said he liked it, while Seo Eon said, “Is the baby here at home? I think the baby is here.” Lee Hwi Jae told him, “No. At the very least it will take 10 months.”

Seo Jun added that he wanted both a baby brother and baby sister, but Lee Hwi Jae refused. Moon Jung Won then commented playfully that twin girls would be nice.

Watch the episode below!

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