Ji Suk Jin’s Fortune Cracks Up His Fellow Cast Members On “Running Man”

There’s no escape for Ji Suk Jin from his bad luck!

On the January 1 episode of “Running Man,” the members had their fortunes told for the new year by both a traditional Korean fortune teller (saju) and a tarot fortune teller.

Ji Suk Jin was first informed by the traditional Korean fortune teller that he would have the worst luck out of all the members in 2017. The fortune teller’s advice to the unfortunate man was to “stay put and not do anything,” which made the members burst into laughter.

A fellow can still hope, and Ji Suk Jin certainly did, as he optimistically approached the tarot fortune teller while saying, “Fortune telling differs between countries, so I won’t come out [as last again].”

However, the tarot fortune teller told him, “your luck will not improve,” and added, “Don’t do things like expanding your business. The things you’re doing now, don’t expand on them, and do only small things.” The similarity to the previous fortune teller’s words sent the members into another outburst of laughter.

Stay strong, Big Nose Brother!

Watch the full episode of “Running Man” below.

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1115581v-running-man-episode-332

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