Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Apologizes To Fans For Making Them Wait In Grazia Pictorial

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently shot a pictorial for a winter issue of Grazia magazine, jet-setting to a Hawaii hotel as the backdrop.


Hyeri Girl's Day

In designer coats and sunglasses with unique patterns, Hyeri shows a different side of herself than her bright and cheerful image in dramas and variety programs.

The photoshoot was created at the invitation of Honolulu Fashion Week. Hyeri also attended the event, which featured a gathering of Hawaii’s representative and local designers.

In the accompanying interview, Hyeri said, “In order to find a song that fits Girl’s Day, our hiatus has been long. All the members feel the burden of living up to the expectations of our long-suffering fans. We are taking the extra time to please our fans with the result, but since I know how they must feel to wait, I feel very sorry towards them. To a singer, to an actor, the worries about waiting for a song or production is the same.”

Hyeri 1

Hyeri also made some wishes for 2017. “I always say that I hope it’s like this past year,” she said. “I’m always happy with the present. I was happy in 2015 and 2016. I’m not greedy for a year even better than the last. To a personality without ambition, everything went well.”

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