EXO’s Kai Opens Up About Overcoming Slump After Reinjuring Himself

In a recent interview with news outlet Sports Seoul, EXO’s Kai looked back on 2016 and talked about his never-ending passion for dance.

“Personally, [2016] is a year that still holds many regrets for me. I ended up appearing in a wheelchair in front of fans after severely injuring my ankle. I had to go through physical therapy and couldn’t properly dance, something I love to do. In addition, I was extremely stressed that I might injure myself again,” he stated.

Kai later went into more detail, and revealed he ended up falling into a depressive slump while resting for four or five months.

Explaining it was more difficult than expected to regain his spirit, he said, “It hasn’t been long since I’ve overcame [the slump]. Normally, I’m the type…who experiences happiness through dance, and am someone who finds joy when I’m standing onstage. But I ended up not being able to do what I wanted to when I injured myself.”

Kai elaborated on the burdens he felt while having to be extra cautious while undergoing treatment, and the reluctance he felt at first to start heavily practicing again. The idol also confessed that while he’s recovered, he’s still not back to his best condition yet.

Moving forward, Kai said that he’s been practicing even more than ever because at one point, he wondered, “What am I doing with myself right now?” Unsatisfied with how he’s been handling himself, the idol said it was like a fire lit up again inside of him.

He revealed, “On days I don’t have schedules…I practice dancing for five hours, go to acting class for around two or three hours, and then also go to vocal training for three hours. By the time I finish, it’s around 2 a.m.”

Kai ended by saying that he is looking forward to 2017, and that he’ll continue to improve himself.

Are you excited to see what Kai will bring in the new year?

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