Hip Hop Group M.I.B Is Disbanding

Following reports of M.I.B’s disbandment, the group’s agency, Signal Entertainment, has confirmed that the news is true.

Three members’ contracts ended in October 2016 — Young Cream, 5Zic (Zick Jasper), and Sims — while the end of Kangnam’s contract is coming soon in March.

January 4, Signal Entertainment said, “We’ve decided not to renew with [Young Cream, 5Zic, and Sims]. The members’ music styles are all different, so we decided that it would be better for them to work individually.”

Regarding Kangnam’s contract renewal, the agency stated that it’s too early to say anything.

M.I.B debuted in 2011 with their album “Most Incredible Busters.” The group’s latest release was in 2014 with the album “The Maginot Line,” featuring the title track “Chisa Bounce.”

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