Lee Dong Wook Almost Didn’t Make It As The Grim Reaper In tvN’s “Goblin”

Lee Dong Wook is arguably one of most enjoyable characters to watch in tvN’s “Goblin.”

No matter what scene he’s in, the grim reaper has chemistry with any character from the show. Whether it’s his bromance with Gong Yoo, the cute friendship with Kim Go Eun, or his bashful interactions with Yoo In Na, viewers are always entertained when Lee Dong Wook is onscreen.

While the public is well aware that “Goblin” screenwriter, Kim Eun Sook, spent five years trying to cast Gong Yoo in one of her dramas, it is not the case for Lee Dong Wook. As a matter of fact, Lee Dong Wook had to fight until the end to receive the role of the grim reaper.

Lee Dong Wook

Kim Eun Sook had originally rejected him because he didn’t fit with the image of the grim reaper she had in mind. Even after a representative from Lee Dong Wook’s agency tried to persuade her, Kim Eun Sook was not convinced. However, Lee Dong Wook was too smitten with the role to give up.

The representative was able to get Lee Dong Wook a one-on-one meeting with the “Goblin” writer, and he was able to successfully appeal to her during the meeting. Kim Eun Sook was finally moved and offered him the role of the grim reaper.

After receiving the role, Lee Dong Wook worked tirelessly to get ready by repeatedly analyzing and studying the script and his character. Because of his efforts, Lee Dong Wook is able to show viewers a new kind of grim reaper!

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