Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Donates To Documentary Analyzing Freedom Of The Press In Korea

According to multiple sources, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan is said to have donated 3 million won (approximately $2,500) to the story funding project of “7 Years – Media Without Them.”

The movie opened its story funding project on December 23, 2016 to raise funds to get the movie showing in theaters. A representative stated, “We would like to raise funds to show the film in theaters and discuss the meaning of true freedom of the press with the public.”

Director Kim Jin Hyuk stated, “The core of this film is to help journalists and media figures who were fired, disciplined, and demoted for being critical of the government return to where they belong, the warm embrace of the public. Our goal is to tell their stories and let their plight be known.”

Kim Dong Won is well-known as a star who gives back to the community. He has made donations to help former comfort women, those affected by earthquakes, children in low-income households, and single mothers. He has even donated his time and voice to help the visually impaired.

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