AOA’s Seolhyun Writes Long Thank You Letter To Fans

AOA’s Seolhyun is a tough cookie, even after going through various hardships in 2016.

She uploaded a thank you letter to fans on January 4, one day after her birthday. In it, she expressed her appreciation towards those who have helped her get where she is today. The posting is accompanied by a video looking back on her activities last year.

Below is a translation of her letter:

“Hello everyone, this is Seolhyun here. I write a letter to my fans each year on my birthday. I’m writing this in hopes of conveying my gratitude towards those who have cheered me on.

“Regardless of how busy I was, I’m deeply grateful to have been able to spend my birthday this year while receiving so much love.

“In 2016 I was extremely happy, but I also went through many hardships. I think I was able to grow as a result of those experiences, and the happy memories have become a part of what pushes me to live on with energy. When I was filled with guilt and disappointment about myself, I would think about the people who work hard for me and cheer me on. It was then that I realized that being negative is a waste of time, and I should just do my best to thank those people. I’m going to work really hard!! To everyone telling me that my existence is a source of energy for them, your existence is my source of energy too!

“That’s why this year, as important as my own happiness is, I also want there to be more happy people in the world. Just like all those people I’ve been grateful for, I want to be someone who can help others become happy. Happy New Year, and I wish you all happiness! Thank you.”

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