2PM’s Chansung And Jun.K Have Adorable Conversation On Twitter Over Jun.K’s New Track

2PM’s Chansung showed support for Jun.K’s latest pre-release single through Twitter, and this started a cute conversation between him and Jun.K.

Jun.K put out the song “Your Wedding” as a pre-release track for his upcoming solo album on January 4, and the heartbreaking music video stars 2PM’s Nichkhun and TWICE’s Nayeon.

On January 4, Chansung posted on Twitter saying, “The song is so good. I visited the music video set when they were filming… It’s Min Joon [Jun.K]’s music video but only Nayeon and Nichkhun appear…It felt new since I’m not used to this kind of style. The song is good but it’s too sad… “.

Later, Jun.K replied to his tweet, saying, “Don’t cry…”

Chansung replied back with, “I didn’t cry.” Lastly, Jun.K wrote, “Good job.”

Fans thought this short Twitter conversation between the eldest and youngest of the group was downright adorable.

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