Teen Top Announces Plans For Niel’s Solo And Group Comebacks, Shares Teaser Image For Niel’s 2nd Solo Release

Teen Top has confirmed reports of an upcoming solo comeback by Niel, as well as shared some news about the group’s planned return!

On January 5 at midnight KST, Teen Top shared a teaser image for Niel’s upcoming return as a solo artist. The caption on Twitter includes the hashtag “Love Affair…”, and reveals that his new album will be coming out on January 16 at midnight KST.

During a V Live show on January 4, members Niel, Chunji, and Changjo revealed that the group will be making a comeback together in March. “When I heard the song, I felt like it was definitely a Teen Top song,” commented Niel. Chunji added, “It’s a catchy dance track. It’s really great.”

After the show, TOP Media updated the group’s website to confirm that Teen Top is planning to put out a new album in March. They promise more details to come soon!

Are you excited for a return from Teen Top?

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