Behind The Scenes At Arirang’s Simply K-Pop With B1A4, UP10TION, And More

If you are ever in Korea, we highly recommend applying to attend a recording for Arirang’s Simply K-pop! The ticketing is relatively simple (simply click here to learn how to request a ticket and you will not have to stand outside in the cold waiting to get in) and the line-up is usually full of really great acts. Even better? The artists will record two episodes worth of performances, so you get to see them for multiple performances!

Last month, we were invited to attend a pre-recording and we wanted to share what the experience was like so you can get an idea of what to expect. We watched UP10TION, KNK, B1A4, Berry Good, and The East Light.

First of all, the studio is quite small and intimate which means you’ll be seeing the idols from really close up. If you’ve ever been to a K-pop concert, it’s pretty impossible to be right next to the stage but at Simply K-pop you are literally right next to the stage! There isn’t a bad seat in the entire studio – and your favorite artists will interact with you a lot.

First up was The East Light, who helped Simply K-pop staff set up their instruments before they took over the stage to perform their debut song “Holla.” Despite being the newest (and youngest) group there, they held their own and were able to cutely charm all the fans at the taping.


Next KNK took the stage to perform their powerful song “U.” Despite the serious nature of their song, the members were really adorable with their fans and continually checked that everyone had eaten breakfast before attending the recording.


UP10TION was next to light up the stage with “White Night.” They jokingly asked their fans what they had had for lunch and when they heard “steak” from some lucky fans, the members all rolled around in jealousy. They also filmed a short MC segment, which had Kuhn messing up quite a bit and fans couldn’t help but “awww” every time he broke down laughing.


Steak envy from Wei:

up10tion-simplykpop-4 up10tion-simplykpop-2

The lovely ladies of Berry Good reinvigorated the male fans in the audience, who had been waiting patiently for their performance of “Don’t Believe.” The fan chants for the performance were unreal and the group was adorably excited about their volume.

berrygood-simplykpop-1 berrygood-simplykpop-2

Last up, we had B1A4 to perform “A Lie.” The boys came out first to give their fans a special treat – candies that the boys had bought for them with their own money. The members gleefully walked around the audience with baskets hanging off their arms to pass out the candy and the audience, of course, enjoyed every moment of it.


Baro also played around with Sandeul during the soundcheck – but Sandeul was so intent on hitting his notes that he didn’t even notice.b1a4-simplykpop-6 b1a4-simplykpop-5 b1a4-simplykpop-4

Do you want to be that fan receiving candy from Baro? Or the one to make UP10TION’s Wei laugh at your filling breakfast? Make sure you check out Simply K-pop before you plan your Korea itinerary so you can apply for tickets to a recording!

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