SEVENTEEN Vows To Make 2017 “The Year Of SEVENTEEN”

What does 2017 mean for SEVENTEEN?

SEVENTEEN has high ambitions for the new year as 2017 even has their name “17” in it. Entering their third year as a group, SEVENTEEN has successfully gone from rookies to the “it” group.

Making their debut in May 2015, SEVENTEEN is now ranked third in album sales following EXO and BTS. The members have been recognized for their composition, lyric-writing, producing and choreography skills, having been called “self-made idols” from their debut. They released their first studio album “LOVE&LETTER” in 2016, and topped various music program rankings.

It wasn’t just their album sales that soared. SEVENTEEN held their first concert seven months after their debut, and have since expanded to fill 7000-seat venues in July 2016. They have also held a tour in Asia, performing in nine cities across the continent.

A representative of SEVENTEEN’s agency stated, “The group has been called a ‘global hit’ idol group because they’ve been doing well on various domestic and international music charts. They have been recognized for their unique color. We will continue to work hard and make 2017 ‘the Year of SEVENTEEN.'”

Are you excited to see what SEVENTEEN has in store for 2017?

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