Kim Ha Neul Shares Why She Lowered The Level Of Her Bed Scenes In New Film

Recently actress Kim Ha Neul sat down for an interview to discuss her new film “Misbehavior” (directed by Kim Tae Yong).

“Misbehavior” is about a contract teacher named Hyo Joo (Kim Ha Neul) who discovers a relationship between another teacher named Hye Young (Yoo In Young) and a male student she’s already had her eye on named Jae Ha (Lee Won Geun). Hyo Joo, who thinks she has the upper hand, decides to take him away from Hye Young, who previously beat her out for a full-time teaching position due to superior family connections.

Kim Ha Neul shared how she first felt when she received the script. “As I read it, I thought that I couldn’t possibly act this. But it was very entertaining to read. I read it from the perspective of Hyo Joo, but it was really difficult to feel the same feelings as her. I read the script until the end but I felt so bad afterwards that I just closed it.”

She continued, “But the aftertaste of Hyo Joo’s feelings lingered and I realized that I would feel regrets if I didn’t take this role. I read the script and talked for 10 or 15 minutes to my female manager. Then I decided to take the role and wanted to meet the director right away.”

Throughout filming, Kim Ha Neul’s sympathy for her character continued to grow. She shared that she played Hyo Joo as sharper than the director intended, to make it more impactful when the character experiences a fall in fortune. At the end of post-production, the director told her that he pitied the character very deeply.

It was also Kim Ha Neul’s suggestion to lower the level and subdue the tone of the bed scenes. Her co-star, Lee Won Geun, also spoke about the scenes, which have garnered attention in the media.

“When you watch the film, those scenes won’t stand out,” she said. “I think that’s for the best. I appealed to the director. If the bed scenes stand out too much, I felt that it would distract from what he wanted ‘Misbehavior’ to show and from why I chose to do the movie. There are lots of people who haven’t seen the movie yet who are misunderstanding those scenes, so I feel a little disappointed about that. Kim Tae Yong wrote a very strong script, but as he filmed, he toned it down a little. He accommodated my opinion. It’s not a question of whether I could act or not, but whether too much nudity would distract from the movie.”

“Misbehavior” was released in theatres in Korea on January 4.

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