DAY6 Shares More Details About 2017 Monthly Concert Plan

On January 5, DAY6 held a Naver V Live broadcast to commemorate their comeback and their first of regular monthly releases throughout the year.

DAY6 said, “Every month we will release a new song on the 6th. Right before the song is released, we will unveil the song at our concert. There are also special performances. Each member will have the time to do their own concert as well.”

Young K will have his in February, Sungjin in March, Jae in April, Wonpil in May, and Dowoon in June. They will also show behind-the-scenes videos from concerts, live performances, and audience participation in songwriting through Naver V Live every week.

About their latest comeback, Sungjin said, “We put our aspirations to make 2017 the year of DAY6 into the cover image.” About the music video, Dowoon said, “I came out better than I look in real life, so I’m grateful.”

Finally, Wonpil said, “‘I Wait’ is a new genre for us so it was fun. I am looking forward to what we’ll do next.” Young K added, “We prepared a lot for this year. We’re nervous but happy.”

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