Kim Heechul Reveals Girls’ Generation Member Seohyun’s Drinking Habit

During her guest appearance on the January 5 episode of Onstyle’s “Lipstick Prince,” Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun introduced some of her favorite tastes.

For alcohol, she revealed that she personally really likes Korean rice wine (makgeolli). “I don’t drink it often, but it matches [my tastebuds] the best,” the idol explained.

At that moment, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul chimed in, “Seohyun is really cute when she’s drunk. She just keeps giggling.”

Surprised at his comment, she affirmed that was while asking how he knew that. Kim Heechul, taken aback, amusingly replied, “You invited me to your birthday party!”

Seohyun also introduced sweet potatoes as a snack she still enjoyed during the broadcast, which sound familiar to fans of “We Got Married.”

It definitely suits her personality!