Lee Dong Wook Answers 15 Questions About Himself, The Grim Reaper, And “Goblin”

In a recent interview on V Live with Lee Dong Wook, who is currently starring in “Goblin” as the grim reaper, the actor answered 15 questions about himself, the show, and his character.

He started the interview with a self-introduction grim-reaper style, rattling off his stats: “Born 1981, November 6, year of the chicken, Scorpio, blood type B, not married. I don’t have a business card yet.”

1. Your secret to red lips?

“I used to wipe my lips to show people, but… they’ve just been naturally red ever since I was born.”

2. You look like Olaf?

“But his nose is a carrot! I can’t accept this.”

3. What do you do in your off time?

“I play games on my phone, sleep, eat snacks. That’s about it these days.”

4. Hobbies?

“My real hobby is to do nothing, but… watching movies by myself, listening to music… that’s it.”

goblin lee dong wook grim reaper

5. Is there a certain “label” that you’d like to have?

“No, not particularly. Just call me what you’d like.”

6. Have you seen fan art of you?

“[Fans’] passion is amazing, and their skill is amazing too. The fan art pieces were drawn [beautifully] like romance comics. Thank you.”


7. Have you heard of the peach (the combination of the sounds pi and chi in Korean) couple?

“The fedora looks like a famous pizza brand logo, and Sunny is the owner of a chicken restaurant, so ‘pichi.’ It also means peach, so I like it.”

grim reaper sunny

8. Are you good at household chores?

“Yes. Cleaning, laundry, dishes, cooking. If I put my mind to it I’m good at it. But… even if I do cook, I eat alone, so I don’t cook often.”

9. Something you’re looking forward to in the second half of the drama?

“Details of the grim reaper’s past life have been revealed more and more, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the various conflicts play out.”

10. Your favorite scene or line?

“People really like this one. When escorting the dead, the grim reaper says, ‘Drink the tea, it will make you lose your memories of this life.’ It’s like the grim reaper’s signature.”

11. The best impromptu scene/part?

“In the script, Sunny’s name in my phone was just supposed to be ‘Not Sun Hee, but Sunny,’ but I thought the grim reaper wouldn’t be too great at spelling, so I entered ‘No t Sun Hee, b tu S u ny’ (approximation of Korean misspelling). The director gave me the okay, and after the broadcast went out, viewers seemed to like it as well.

12. The grim reaper’s most charming aspect?

“I think the most charming part of the grim reaper is that he appears cold when he’s working, but he’s actually got a warm heart. Personally, I like the warm side of the grim reaper more. His cute charm. And Sunny calls him cute all the time, so people really like that.”

13. How’s the work as a grim reaper?

“As a job, it’s terrible pay, long hours, and I’ve just gotten a house after 300 years of saving. Help me out a little.”

14. Your thoughts on deciding to do “Goblin”?

“I thought about it a lot, and I think I made the right decision, being able to show a different side of myself to everyone.”

15. What is the grim reaper to you?

“During my acting career, there’s never been a character that I’ve particularly disliked or liked. But among those, I think the grim reaper, for many reasons, will be one that I remember for a very long time.”

“Goblin” airs every Friday and Saturday. Catch the show on Viki exclusively in Europe!Watch

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