Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Talks About Her Experience Filming Her First Film, “Confidential Assignment”

Girls’ Generation member and actress YoonA shared about her first movie filming experience alongside several talented actors.

On January 6, the movie “Confidential Assignment” (also known “Cooperation”) aired interviews on V Live that featured the actors.

YoonA opened up about her first time filming a movie, revealing, “This is my first movie and I think I matched well with it. I learned a lot on the set. Many of them gave me advice as well,” sharing her thankful heart to her co-stars, like Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin, and Kim Joo Hyuk.

When asked to be more specific about what kind of advice she received, YoonA answered, “There’s not just one that I can think of,” implying that she had learned that much from them.

The film is a 10 billon won (approximately $8.5 million) project that centers around a joint North-South Korean investigation. YoonA will play the role of Park Min Young, the younger sister-in-law to a South Korean detective who is played by Yoo Hae Jin. Hyun Bin plays the role a North Korean detective. The film will premiere on January 18.

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