Daughters Of S.E.S Adorably Transform Into “Mini S.E.S” On Upcoming “The Return Of Superman” Episode

The upcoming episode of the KBS variety show “The Return of Superman” will feature an adorable transformation of the first generation idol group S.E.S, by none other than the children of the group themselves!

On this episode, Eugene takes her daughter, Ro Hee, to visit Shoo and her twin daughters, Ra Hee and Ra Yool. The two moms decide to dress up their daughters in the same way as when they were promoting their hit single “I’m Your Girl,” complete with the exact outfits and hair styles.

Ra Yool Ro Hee Ra Hee

Ro Hee takes after her mom and parts her hair perfectly down the middle in a wig. Although she looks a bit confused, Ro Hee does not attempt to take off the wig as her mom smiles proudly at her. Ra Hee and Ra Yool transform into Shoo and Bada, looking perfectly like the main characters in a cartoon movie, with their bright and cheerful personalities.

Until this airs on January 8, check out the latest episode of the show on Viki here below!

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