Watch: Kim Heechul Causes Uproar By Correctly Answering Question About Seolhyun’s Mole

AOA appeared as guests on the January 7 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything.”

During a quiz segment, AOA’s Seolhyun mentioned that she had a mole on an interesting part of her body. As a bonus question, she wanted the cast to guess where it was.

ask us anything - aoa 3

While everyone else was guessing, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul blurted out, “Hey! I already know this. Isn’t it your tongue?”

Looking slightly puzzled, Seolhyun answered, “That’s correct,” which caused an uproar among the “Ask Us Anything” members. They then demanded to know how Kim Heechul knew.

Becoming frantic, Kim Heechul stood up and tried to explain himself, saying, “I went on a trip with Jimin, Seolhyun, and Kim Shin Young. That’s when I saw it.”

Unsatisfied with his answer, AOA’s Jimin stepped in and asked, “When did you see her tongue? I didn’t see her stick her tongue out back then.”

ask us anything - aoa 1

Simultaneously, Kim Heechul and Seolhyun both grabbed their water bottles, causing more hilarious “suspicions” to arise. Luckily, singer Lee Sang Min, who looked frustrated and a little jealous, helped end the interrogation by telling them, “Just sit down, you two. I trust you, Heechul.”

ask us anything - aoa 2

As Seolhyun joined Kim Heechul, comedian Kang Ho Dong said, “Heechul, don’t leave immediately after filming wraps up today,” revealing that they weren’t letting him off the hook that easily.

Watch the hilarious clip below!

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