Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk Says Looks Aren’t The Only Thing He Has In Common With “Infinite Challenge” PD

By now, it’s no secret that Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk and producing director of “Infinite Challenge” Kim Tae Ho look similar, but it eerily doesn’t stop there.

On the January 7 episode of “My Little Television,” the sibling duo showed off their unparalleled chemistry, dressed comfortably in pajamas, while interacting with the live viewers.

During their broadcast, one of the comments amusingly said, “Welcome director Kim Tae Ho,” and once again brought up Lee Chan Hyuk’s doppelgänger.

Half-heartedly laughing, the brother of the duo mentioned, “He’s actually my good neighbor.” It turns out that they live in the same apartment complex, which adds yet another thing to their list of similarities.

Akdong Musician also introduced their latest album “Winter” and its title track,”Last Goodbye” during the show.

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