Yook Sungjae’s True Identity Is Revealed In Latest Episode Of tvN’s “Goblin”

After revealing the past identities of both the grim reaper and Sunny, tvN’s “Goblin” also revealed the true identity of Yook Sungjae’s character Yoo Duk Hwa. Continue reading to find out more.


In episode 12 of tvN’s “Goblin,” Ji Eun Tak reveals that Yoo Duk Hwa helped her interpret Kim Shin’s journal and helped her find the lost maple leaf. Kim Shin becomes shocked and responds, “There is no way that he would know this.”

Kim Shin and the grim reaper then find Yoo Duk Hwa at a bar, and demand to know his true identity. After stopping time, Yoo Duk Hwa begins to quote phrases that were said by Kim Shin and the grim reaper. He then reveals, “I’ve always been listening. I even gave you opportunities to plead for death. Yet why are you still alive?”


He continues, saying, “As a god, I only ask questions. You must find the answers,” and becomes unconscious as a stream of butterflies leaves his body.

Viewers suspect that Yoo Duk Hwa is a matchmaker god, and many are trying to figure out the exact moment when he went from being a third-generation chaebol to becoming a god.

Meanwhile, “Goblin” airs every Friday and Saturday. Catch the show on Viki exclusively in Europe!Watch

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