Chae Soo Bin Reveals When She Had Her First Kiss

Actress Chae Soo Bin reminisced about memories from her high school days, much to the delight of everyone who wanted to hear juicy details of her early love life.

The actress guested on the January 8 episode of the SBS show “Flower Crew.” As the cast members were traveling in the car, the actress talked about her days in high school, and said, “Behind my school, there was a small stream and we used to go back there to catch tadpoles.”

The cast members then directly questioned, “Were there older guys there too? Did you have a boyfriend?”

Chae Soo Bin boldly answered, “At that time, I did.”

She was then asked, “When did you have your first kiss?” to which she shyly answered, “When I was in tenth grade. Should I be revealing all of this right now?”

Sounds like she has lots of fond memories from her high school days!

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