Former “Produce 101” Contestant Kang Sira To Officially Make Her Debut

Former “Produce 101” contestant Kang Sira is finally making her debut as a solo artist!

The singer’s agency, ChungChun Music, stated, “Kang Sira will be debuting with an album release on January 19. The singer will be returning with good music for all the fans who have been waiting for her ever since ‘Produce 101.'”

In last year’s “Produce 101,” the singer was the only trainee that came from ChungChun Music, and received attention for her refreshing vocal ability. Despite getting to the final round, the singer was regrettably cut from making it into I.O.I. Since appearing on the show, she has been training steadily for nine months in order to prepare for her official debut.

Kang Sira will be making her debut as a solo artist on January 19.

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