Haha Opens Up About Health Problems Faced By “Running Man” Cast Members

Haha made an appearance on the January 8 episode of “Human Documentary,” revealing that his health got a lot worse after starring in MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” and SBS’s “Running Man.”

He explained, “I got a slipped disc seven times, but I didn’t say anything because I thought everyone went through this. My doctor might have been exaggerating, but they said I could have become paralyzed.”

Haha also disclosed the health problems of other “Running Man” members. “Yoo Jae Suk‘s ankle is facing the wrong way. His waist, neck, ankles… none of them are fine. Gary has a bad shoulder, and he tore one of his ligaments so he can’t even hold a cup of shaved ice,” he said.

Bringing to light the hardships entertainers go through, Haha revealed a heart-breaking fact. “People who appear on long-running variety shows that require lots of physical activity have the bodies of an athlete. But we don’t have time for rehabilitation. If we get hurt, they’ll cut out our part of the show since it’s priority to make the show entertaining. It’s something that hasn’t been widely known because injured entertainers don’t appear on TV.”

However, life as an entertainer is not as bad as it sounds, as Haha also discussed how thankful he was for “Infinite Challenge” on the same episode.

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