Watch: Daebak Enjoys The Sauna Like A Little Old Man In “The Return Of Superman”

Daebak once again shows that he’s really a little old man in a baby’s body.

The January 8 episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman” featured Lee Dong Gook and his three youngest children – Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and Daebak – on the final leg of their Chuncheon trip.

Their last activity was a visit to a fire pot sauna. The family first appeared in standard sauna outfits, with adorable matching “sheep head” towels wrapped around their heads.

Lee Dong Gook then led the children into a low-temperature room before leaving for a moment to get them some food. After his dad left, Daebak suddenly began removing his socks to better experience the comfortable temperature. As he placed one of his socks neatly to the side, he contentedly expressed how relaxed he was, much like an old man.

The Return of Superman

During a previous trip to the sauna, Daebak also showed his preference for massages and even moxa cautery, which are usually more enjoyed by the older generation. (Moxa cautery is a kind of thermal therapy in Korean saunas where a warming device is placed on the belly.)

The Return of Superman 1

Hilariously, Seol Ah also unleashed her inner little old lady as she sighed, “Oh, what am I to do…”

However, their father’s return quickly turned them back into young children again, bright-eyed and excited at the prospect of delicious food.

Watch the full episode below!

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