Seungjae’s Love Confession To His Dad On “The Return Of Superman” Fetches Highest Viewership Ratings Of Episode

The viewers of “The Return of Superman” are really warming up to newcomer Go Ji Yong and his precocious son, Seungjae.

Nielsen Korea has revealed that the January 8 episode garnered 11.2 percent ratings overall, while the non-active SECHSKIES member and his son brought in the highest viewership ratings of this episode, marking 17.3 percent during one particular scene.

Their segment began with Go Ji Yong and Seungjae making their way to a brunch cafe. The ever-chatty Seungjae brightly greeted people they met along the way, as well as the other patrons in the cafe. He even fearlessly approached an older boy to become friends, and asked another table about their food. Go Ji Yong also brought Seungjae to the construction site where a friend of his works, so that Seungjae could experience riding on his favorite heavy vehicles.

However, the scene that had the highest ratings was when Seungjae said “I love you” to his father. After Seungjae finished telling his mother about the day’s events, she asked him if he likes Dad now. In the previous episode, Seungjae was reluctant to spend time alone with his father, and even said, “I don’t like Dad.” This time, Seungjae cheekily said that he still doesn’t like his father, so Go Ji Yong pretended to cry. Seungjae then went over to his dad and sweetly told him that he loves him.

Watch the episode below!

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