Update: Woollim Entertainment Shares Preview For Upcoming “W Project” Duet Track

Update January 19 KST:

Woollim Entertainment has now shared a preview of their upcoming track “There Was No One Like You” (working title), performed by pre-debut trainees Joo Chan and So Yoon!

Update January 18 KST: 

After releasing an individual teaser image for Joo Chan, Woollim Entertainment has released an individual teaser image for So Yoon as well!

At 12 p.m. KST, Woollim Entertainment posted an individual teaser image for Woollim Boys’ Joo Chan. He and Woollim Girls’ trainee So Yoon will be releasing a song together as part of a new initiative called “W Project.”

The song will be released on January 20.

joo chan

Update January 17 KST:

At 12 p.m. KST, the agency uploaded a second teaser image featuring the two trainees described previously. Take a look!

woollim entertainment w project

Update January 17 KST:

Woollim Entertainment has now shared a teaser image for its upcoming “W Project,” featuring two members of its pre-debut trainee groups: Woollim Boys’s Joo Chan and Woollim Girls’s So Yoon! It appears to be a song entitled “There Was No One Like You” (working title), which is due out on January 20.

w project joo chan so yoon

Update January 16 KST:

After a few days of leaving everyone in the dark, Woollim Entertainment has revealed a little bit more about their newest “W Project”!

On January 16, the company dropped a logo teaser that unveiled two of the participants, Joo Chan from Woollim Boys and So Yoon from Woollim Girls. As they’re both still trainees, many are excited to see what this project will entail.

Original January 10 KST:

Woollim Entertainment is getting us curious with a mysterious teaser!

On January 10 at midnight KST, the agency shared a teaser photo to its official Twitter account that reads “W Pro?ect” with one of the caption’s hashtags as “Coming Soon.”

Woollim Entertainment currently houses artists including INFINITE and Lovelyz, as well as soloists Jisun and Joo. Some fans are hoping that this teaser is hinting at a duet or unit project between the agency’s artists, while others think it may be teasing the debut of a new group.

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