Woollim Entertainment Reveals Plans For New Idol Group Debut In 2017

Woollim Entertainment has big plans for this year; they are gearing up to launch a new boy group and girl group in 2017.

They officially revealed a new project called “W-Project” (tentative title) that is set to begin this month.

Traditionally, companies promote new idols by having them on a reality or audition program and then gathering popularity through variety shows. However, Woollim is making an attempt to deviate from this, aiming instead to emphasize the musicality of their future artists ahead of anything else.

The first release from the project will drop at the end of this month, and it will be a collaborative song by the main vocals of the aforementioned boy and girl groups. In line with Woollim’s intention, this release will highlight the musical abilities of their trainees.

What do you think about the new project?

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