9MUSES’ Hyemi Apologizes For Causing Fan Heartache

At the recent press conference for the web drama “Oppa Is Missing” (tentative title), in which 9MUSES’ Hyemi is starring alongside Teen Top’s Changjo, Hyemi revealed how thankful and sorry she is to 9MUSES fans.

Hyemi said, regarding the frequent member changes in her group, “I’m always so sorry to 9MUSES fans. Honestly, fans don’t have to go through all of these things, but sticking with us, they do. I’m really sorry, but at the same time I’m so thankful that they’ve stayed with us through everything, and I’m determined to do right by them.”

“Oppa Is Missing” is about a mystery woman, Yoo Ri Ae (Hyemi), who seeks out a detective (Changjo) to help her find her missing brother. The drama will be airing every day on Naver TV Cast from January 11 through January 16.

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