EXO Member Chanyeol’s New Family Puppy Gets His Very Own “Dogstagram”

If you’ve been looking for the moment to update your Instagram feed with more adorable pictures, this little puppy might just do the trick!

EXO’s Chanyeol warmed hearts when he introduced his family’s newest member through Instagram on January 9.

Already smitten, he promised to treasure the puppy, and couldn’t seem to stop holding it in his arms despite his own reported allergies. The idol revealed that its name is Toben, although his sister still needed to warm up to the name.

It didn’t stop there, as it turns out that Toben now has his very own Instagram account!

The small pooch already has quite the following, with over 72,000 followers in less than 10 hours since the account’s opening.

Not only does his growing social media standing as a “dog of Instagram” mimic his owner, but Toben amusingly also looks pretty similar as well given Chanyeol’s current hairstyle.

Check out some more adorable pictures below!

마법쿠션에 앉은 토벤이?

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사냥개의 기질을 보여주는 토벤이?

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