UKISS’s Eli Makes His Own Detergent From Natural Ingredients For His Family

Recently UKISS’s Eli appeared on the KBS show “Men Who Do Housework” and showed off his life with his wife and son.

In the January 10 episode, Eli also showed off his housekeeping abilities by making his own detergent from natural materials. He told the panel that people consume about two soju shots’ worth of dish detergent left over from washing the dishes. Fearing that this was bad for their baby son, he decided to make detergent out of natural materials like baking soda, potato starch, and water. The detergent also works for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

Eli also made sure to make as much homemade detergent as possible so that his wife could use it even when he was away. His wife said in an interview, “I was really surprised to see him making detergent. He likes to make things and look at blogs for that kind of thing.”

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