BIGBANG Reveals What They Want To Receive From Yang Hyun Suk, With Not-So Wanted Result

A lesson that often has to be repeated: never trust the MCs of “Weekly Idol.”

During their appearance on the January 11 episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” BIGBANG were took part in a rising corner on the show, “Show Me The Card.”

At first, Defconn and Jung Hyung Don introduced it as “Show Me Boss’s Card,” and asked the members what they wanted to receive as gifts from Yang Hyun Suk. Supposedly, if they succeeded in the following challenges, then their “boss” would actually buy these things for them.

As the first to answer, Taeyang commented, “This is very ambiguous. What should I set as the standard?” He eventually stated that he wants a computer. Daesung said that he’d like an air purifier, which was specified as a Swiss air purifier after the MCs tried to get them to choose more expensive items.

Meanwhile, T.O.P, being his normal self, answered that he wanted to receive a chair because he “likes furniture.” At the MCs prodding, he went into detail about how he wanted a designer chair, not a do-it-yourself one from Ikea. However, he hilariously added, “If I was given free reign, I want to combine all our answers and ask for a villa just for BIGBANG instead.”

G-Dragon had the hardest time choosing, and first said that he wanted to take everyone, including their staff, to a nice dinner for his “potential present.” This quickly changed to a company-wide trip to Jeju Island, before the producers informed the rapper it had to be a personal item. In the end, he chose a laptop, and caused Seungri to also change his answer to also be a laptop.

However, the twist was that this corner was in fact, had been changed to be “Show Me -insert member’s name- Card,” which meant the members would be buying each other these gifts. Quickly, the members changed answers and set down guidelines, like “the company dinner has to be a simple one.” T.O.P amusingly commented that it was a good thing they didn’t actually choose the villa.

They also attempted other hilarious challenges during the show, like dancing “BANG BANG BANG” in double time.

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