Bolbbalgan4 Members Share How They Feel About Their Immense Rise In Popularity

Indie group Bolbbalgan4 recently talked about their soaring popularity, but showed that they still remain humble and level-headed about it.

The two members, Ahn Ji Young and Woo Ji Yoon, revealed, “As we were preparing for our album, thoughts of having a concert had crossed our minds, but we never thought it would happen this quickly.”

When asked about their rise on the music charts, they said, “It was so fascinating, but on the other hand, it was also a little scary seeing our videos trend on social media.”

The two members met during the stormy period of adolescence also known as their 10th grade year in high school. Afterwards, they competed on “Superstar K 6” together and faced a lot of failures and challenges.

When asked how they felt after their first solo concert, Ahn Ji Young replied, “As we were singing ‘Galaxy,’ we cried so much that the audience sang the first verse along with us.”

The members remained down-to-earth, saying that they do not have any ambitions to win a rookie award because they know that there are many other talented competitors for such an award.

What’s your favorite Bolbbalgan4 song?

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