“Infinite Challenge” Directly Addresses Rumors of Noh Hong Chul’s Return

Popular MBC variety show “Infinite Challenge” has addressed rumors of Noh Hong Chul’s return.

Noh Hong Chul left the show back in 2014 after his drunk driving incident, but recent rumors on the internet suggested that the comedian was preparing to return after cast member Kwanghee enlists for his mandatory military service.

The production team addressed those rumors directly, saying, “It is not confirmed whether Kwanghee will enlist in February or March. And it is not the reason why the show is going on hiatus.”

Concerning Noh Hong Chul’s return, the team stated, “We know that there are many people who want Noh Hong Chul to come back to the show and are trying to convince him. However, he himself has not yet communicated that to us.”

They continued, “While things might change during our hiatus, and there are those who want their wishes to become a reality, rash decisions can become a poison to us. We would be grateful if you could wait for us.”

Noh Hong Chul’s agency FNC Entertainment also gave a concise response, saying, “We need to confirm with him directly.”

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