Watch: G-Dragon Says He’s Never Worked Harder On Broadcast In His Life After BIGBANG Dances To Girl Group Songs

In the second part of BIGBANG’s appearance on “Weekly Idol,” which aired on January 11, BIGBANG tried their hand at girl group dances!

For this particular mission, Seungri acted as judge to see who would win the prize of their choice. According to the MCs, the youngest member of BIGBANG is known for his girl group dances and showed off his skills to I.O.I’s “Pick Me.”

Taeyang tried his best with labelmate BLACKPINK’s “Boombayah” and GFRIEND’s “Rough” (the latter at Seungri’s suggestion), while T.O.P had to be physically restrained by his members after dancing too sexily to Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra.”

G-Dragon Weekly Idol

In the end it came down to G-Dragon and Daesung, who both chose to dance to TWICE’s “Cheer Up.” G-Dragon brought forth all the cuteness and sweetness he could muster, while Daesung impressed with his knowledge of the original choreography.

Daesung Weekly Idol

In the end, Seungri suggested they break the tie with another dance-off to “Pick Me.” Although both gave it their all, G-Dragon complained, “This is the hardest I’ve worked in 10 years of broadcast. Why am I doing this here?”

You can watch some of BIGBANG’s hard work below!

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