12 B-Side K-Pop Tracks That Absolutely Need Live Stages

The great thing about K-pop comebacks and debuts is that we’re always guaranteed to see our faves perform at least one of their songs live. Sometimes, they’ll even perform another song in addition to their title. But even if the whole album is full of amazing songs, we don’t always get the chance to see the artists perform all of them. So, in no particular order, here are a roundup of a few title-worthy B-side tracks we would definitely love to see the artists perform on stage.

I.O.I – “Ping Pong”

If there were ever an overlooked I.O.I track the most deserving of a live stage, it would definitely be “Ping Pong.” The song has the powerful vibes of “Whatta Man” plus the catchiness of “Very Very Very.” Although their time together is quickly coming to an end, we can’t help but hope that they’ll perform this tune before they go.

SEVENTEEN – “Beautiful”

This self-producing breakout group is no stranger to creating hits, and their track “Beautiful” is an easy example of this. It’s brimming with energy that would definitely explode in an actual performance, especially with the group’s incredible stage presence.

miss A – “Melting”

Can you believe we’re going on two years without an official live stage for this one? “Melting” is an extraordinary B-side track to miss A’s 2015 EP “Colors,” and it would be amazing to finally see the ladies perform it.

SHINee – “Shift”

Thankfully, SHINee has performed quite a bit of the songs off their most recent album “1 of 1.” But we’re still missing a live stage for “Shift,” which is equally as energetic as the group’s title song. Just imagining how amazing the choreography would be for this makes you wish they’d perform it live right this second.

EXID – “Good”

EXID’s first full-length studio album grants us with several timeless hits, but the track “Good” definitely excels. Like the title suggests, the song takes a common relationship question and turns it into a upbeat melody that you can groove to. Whenever the ladies finally perform this one, it’s sure to be energetic.

2PM – “My Last”

2PM rocks the grown and sexy concept unlike any other group, and every single song off their album “Gentlemen’s Game” showcases their maturity. With the members in business casual menswear and a couple of chairs on stage, “My Last” could easily be the slow jam live performance of all of our dreams.

Red Velvet – “Some Love”

Versatile in both their sound and style, Red Velvet’s “Some Love” is the kind of song you blast all summer and dance to all night at the beach. It’s feel-good, catchy, and a gem of a B-side track that definitely needs to be both watched and heard on stage.


INFINITE could do some serious damage on stage with this high energy track. “Air” could’ve easily been the group’s actual title song, especially with the way the beat drops early in. Here’s to hoping they promote the song as a follow-up in the future, because it definitely deserves the attention.

GFRIEND – “Someday”

There’s just something about GFRIEND’s music that inherently makes you happy. Their song “Someday” sounds like a magical opening to a fairytale, and seeing the girls finally perform it on stage would be the perfect happy ending.

B.A.P – “Killer”

B.A.P is famous for their tough and aggressive concepts, but the group has never been one to stick to just one sound. “Killer” off of their latest full-length album “Noir” is a breezy and infectious B-side track that could’ve doubled as a summer single if the group really wanted it to.

Ailee – “Feelin’ (feat. Eric Nam)”

Can we just make it a rule that every time artists collab on a song they have to perform that song together at least once live? Ailee’s duet with Eric Nam for “Feelin'” is just too good to ignore. We have to see these two real-life friends link up one more time to perform it.

BTOB – “Come Over”

BTOB strays away from their usual ballads and picks up the pace for their album track “Come Over.” It has an effortless vibe to it in a way that makes you want to jam to it all day. Plus, it’s a fun song to see the guys rock to in an actual performance.

What are some great B-side tracks you’d love to see artists finally perform on stage? Let us know in the comments!

brookenicole writes from YG’s basement until her (indefinitely) postponed debut. You can find her on Twitter.