Shinhwa’s Jun Jin And Park Myung Soo Have A Hilarious Standoff Over “Infinite Challenge”

During Shinhwa’s episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” on January 12, various topics were discussed.

During the discussion, Jun Hyun Moo brought up recent news of Kwanghee’s upcoming enlistment in February, which will result in his imminent departure from MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.”

Similarly, Shinhwa’s Jun Jin was also a member of “Infinite Challenge” until his enlistment date came around back in 2009. He even had some advice for Kwanghee in 2015.

Jun Jin Park Myung Soo 3

With a sincere look on his face, Jun Hyun Moo asked Jun Jin if he thinks Kwanghee can return to “Infinite Challenge” after returning from the army. After a second of serious thinking (and shifting his eyes), Jun Jin simply answered, “I don’t know,” causing some laughter on set.

Park Myung Soo responded, “Of course he doesn’t know. That’s the correct answer. Jun Jin, after you were discharged from the army, you wanted to return [to the show] too, right? Correct?”

Jun Jin nonchalantly replied, “Sure.”

Park Myung Soo tried to continue by saying things don’t always work out smoothly, but as soon as Jun Jin started to fire back at him, he became nervous and asked, “You’re trying to crack me, aren’t you?”

Jun Jin Park Myung Soo 2

Luckily for Park Myung Soo, the “standoff” fell apart even before it could start, as Jun Jin immediately bursted out laughing, causing everyone else to laugh as well.

“It’s been such a long time since I saw Park Myung Soo get defensive like that,” Yoo Jae Suk hilariously concluded.

Watch the latest episode of “Happy Together” below!

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