Rumors Surface About TopSecret Member Kyeongha’s Dark Past + Agency Responds

TopSecret’s agency, JSL Company, has responded to rumors surfacing on the internet about TopSecret member Kyeongha’s past. The rumors began with a woman claiming that Kyeongha had sexually harassed her before his debut, and she uploaded screenshots of her alleged text message conversation with him to prove her statement.

On January 12, the agency announced through their official Facebook page that the rumors are not true.

They explained, “We understand that malicious comments come with being an idol, which is why we did not respond to the rumors before. However, we judged that the overly indiscriminate flood of false facts and slander would hurt not only our young member Kyeongha himself, but also the other members, family, agency, and fans of TopSecret.”

“From now on, we will take strong legal measures against any posts or comments pertaining to malicious rumors, false facts, or slander about our agency artists,” announced JSL Company.

Before the rumors began, Kyeongha had been gaining fame for his resemblance to Kim Go Eun.

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