5 innisfree Products That Will Save You And Your Wallet

Cult favorite K-beauty brand innisfree is having a huge sale and we are here to provide you with reviews of some of their most popular products. The sale ranges from 20 percent to 50 percent off, so be sure to get your hands on the products before it’s over!

innisfree has a ton of amazing products, but here are some must-have gems that you can buy for an incredibly great deal at New Year Big Sale!

Water Fit Cushion

innisfree cushion 1

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Cushion makeup continues to be extremely popular and has become more widely used outside of Korea as a result. They have become loved globally because it is super convenient and easy to apply while providing great coverage and a beautiful finish. innisfree’s Water Fit Cushion (N23 in the photo) is the best option for most skin types. If your skin is very dry, try innisfree’s Ampoule Intense Cushion. If you have oily skin, you can try innisfree’s Longwear Cushion. Their cushions are 20 percent off, so you only have to pay $20.80 instead of $26!

Whitening Pore Energy Serum

innisfree serum 1 innisfree serum 2

innisfree’s Whitening Pore Synergy Serum combines a serum and ampoule to brighten your skin, even out your complexion, fade dark spots, and minimize the appearance of pores. The serum includes tiny capsule beads filled with essence that disintegrate upon application. The light consistency and fresh scent makes it suitable for all skin types. If your primary concern is targeting dark spots or pigmentation, you should apply a second or third layer to those areas. Take advantage of the sale and buy the Whitening Pore Synergy at 50 percent off. This means you only pay $18.50 instead of $37! It’s worth it to invest in your skin.

Real Fit Lipstick

innisfree lipstick 1

innisfree lipstick 2

Who has time to constantly reapply lipstick? innisfree’s Real Fit Lipstick (No. 4 Cheerful Hot Pink in photo) is not only smooth and gentle on lips, it’s quite long-lasting. Even after a meal and dabbing your lips with a napkin, a nice tint-like stain remains from the lipstick. You can lightly dot it on for a very natural shade or layer it for a more vivid look. Furthermore, you can use a tissue or lip gloss for a very matte or glossy finish. These lipsticks are 50 percent off meaning you can pay $7 instead of $14. With 20 different shades available, you will easily find a color that you love.

Bija Trouble Spot Essence

innisfree bija trouble essence 1innisfree bija trouble essence 2
Whether you suffer frequent or occasional breakouts, pimples are such a huge nuisance. innisfree’s Bija Trouble Spot Essence is a transparent gel filled with torreya seed extract that will help you say goodbye to acne. Due to its light and transparent nature, you can apply this under and over makeup easily. The spot essence will help zap your blemishes without harming your skin. This product is also effective when you apply it during the early stages of an oncoming zit, so you don’t have to deal with a full-grown pimple. You can purchase the Bija Trouble Spot Essence at 30 percent off. This means you can buy it for $11.90 instead of $17!

Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist

innisfree sparkling mineral mist

Mists are great products to use to allieviate dry skin, touch up makeup, and so much more! If you’re in a cold climate, your skin can be dried out by the cold weather and heaters. Likewise, if you’re in a warm climate, your skin can be dried out by air conditioners. Furthermore, mists can extend the wear of your makeup and set it. The Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist doesn’t tingle and irritate skin. You can spray on mineral nutrition onto your skin to moisturize and soothe your skin. This mist is on sale for 50 percent. This means you can buy it for $6 instead of $12!

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