Watch: Jo Kwon and Yoo Se Yoon Twerk It Out For Jay Park’s “Mommae”

On the January 12 episode of “Golden Tambourine,” 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Yoo Se Yoon joined hands to produce probably the most hilarious cover ever of Jay Park’s “Mommae.”

The introduction was already a sign that the stage was going to be epic. The title was changed to “Mom Bbae” (which means “farming pants”), and true enough, both Jo Kwon and Yoo Se Yoon appeared on stage in the loose flowery pants, paired with Jay Park’s trademark tattoos and white vests.

The audience went wild over Jo Kwon’s kkap (cheap) dance and Yoo Se Yoon’s excellent rap, but the real climax of the performance was when they reached for their waistbands teasingly, then abruptly pulled the pants right up to their shoulders before twerking it out. The captions even compared them very aptly to two plucked chickens dancing on stage.

Watch the hilarious performance below!