Watch: NCT 127 Has A Great Time Behind The Scenes Of “Limitless” MVs

The guys of NCT 127 have given fans a glimpse at the filming of their recent music videos for “Limitless”!

In a recently released video, Taeil first takes fans into the hair and make-up trailer on set, where he interviews the members. Jaehyun shares his pro tip for surviving on a cold set, which is to warm up your face by holding hot packs to both cheeks!

NCT 127 goofs around as they try to come up with acrostic poems made with the syllables of “Limitless,” and although they have varying degrees of success, they all seem to have lots of fun.

The guys also talk to fans about their favorite parts of their new track “Limitless,” and crack up when their filming is interrupted by a pigeon on set.

Watch the video with English subtitles below!